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Chad Aliff
Troy Christensen

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The Process

PatternsStep 1- Choose a Pattern

We offer many patterns and films to choose form, camo, metals, wood grains, and carbon fibers, with new patterns coming out all the time.




Base ColorsStep 2- Select a Base

Items may require an appropriate base color before the pattern can applied some coats may change the color of the pattern.




Activation & TransferStep 3- Film Activation and Transfer

The PVA film is floated on top of the water, and then is activated changing the ink on the film to a liquid. The item is dipped (immersed) in the water transferring the pattern to the item.




Inspection & DryingStep 4- Quality Inspection and Drying

The item is inspected for any flaws and defects. The item is washed to remove residue of the film and activator and allowed to air dry.



Clear CoatStep 5- Clear Coat Application

The item after fully drying as inspected again then sprayed with a clear coat, anything from a matte to a full high gloss can be applied to protect the printed surface.